Bring him down by the economy!

Today, a brief opinion piece on what the democratic states should do now in the face of the military attack on Ukraine.

Putin would not be the first dictator to delude himself into consolidating his power through war. But there is a big difference to former dictators like Hitler: Hitler could ultimately be defeated by military means. 

The nuclear power of Russia cannot be defeated like this. A military conflict between the West and Russia would result in World War III. 

Putin must fail economically. Like the USSR did. His country must become impoverished, and people must vote with their feet – and leave the country.

There is no guarantee that Putin will then fall. In Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro is still in power. But economic decline is the only chance that Putin will be overthrown. 

We have bolstered Putin’s regime long enough by buying up natural resources. We must become independent of these resources. It will be a long and challenging road. We should embark on this journey today.

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