đŸ‡ȘđŸ‡șEurope’s best selling car – is electric

The Story

A shift in automobility 


For the first time, an electric car is the best-selling in Europe. According to figures collated by Jato Dynamics, an automotive data company, Tesla’s Model 3 becomes the first electric vehicle to top the general model rankings in Europe, with 24,600 registered units in September.

So electric cars are number one now? 

Cars with gasoline engines are still ahead. These are the shares of new car registrations in September by fuel type: 17 per cent diesel, 23 per cent electric or plug-in hybrid, 51 per cent gasoline. 

What has changed?

Low emission vehicles posted a monthly growth of 44 per cent to 221,500 units, while the registrations of diesel vehicles decreased by 51 per cent to 167,000 units. 

What is the reason for this change?

Felipe Munoz, Global Analyst at JATO Dynamics: “Shifts of this magnitude are rare, and a number of factors have contributed to the current state of play. In addition to incentives, original equipment manufacturers have enhanced their offering with more models and better deals, and many are shifting their limited supply of semiconductors to the production of electronic vehicles instead of internal combustion engine vehicles.”

Who are the biggest players in Europe?

  • Tesla (USA) leads the battery electric vehicles market in Europe with a share of 24 per cent, ahead of 
  • the Volkswagen Group (Germany) with 22 per cent, 
  • Stellantis (a manufacturing corporation between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the French PSA Group headquartered in Amsterdam) with 13 per cent, and 
  • Hyundai-Kia (South Korea) with almost 11 per cent.

How many electric cars are there on Europe’s roads?

At the end of 2020, there were just 3 million electric cars (now it might be around 4 million), compared to more than 300 million motor vehicles – little more than one per cent, though. 

Looks like a bad carbon footprint.

Transport emissions have been rising for the last three years, and a 65 per cent reduction (or 10 per cent year-on-year saving) is needed to achieve Europe’s targeted 55 per cent reduction in 2030, compared with 1990 levels. 

The Upside

The current registration numbers for Europe show – hopefully – a significant turning point in moving toward achieving 30 to 40 per cent electric vehicle sales volume by 2030, putting Europe’s carbon-reduction targets within reach. Positive example: In Norway, every second new car registered is a battery electric vehicle.

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