What you pay (to the state) when you go shopping in Germany?

How is the German State financed? Of course, like any other state, foremost by taxes. There are two main points where the state takes his share: When people earn money (income tax) and when people spend money (consumption tax). The biggest of the latter is the value-added tax (also called purchase tax) which reaches a„What you pay (to the state) when you go shopping in Germany?“ weiterlesen

How the Germans invest their money

The Germans get richer year by year. In the first quarter 2014 they had financial assets of 5,2 trillion Euro according to a press release of the Deutsche Bundesbank (German Bundesbank), the national central bank. But in which types of investments do the Germans keep their money and try to keep it safe and/or increase„How the Germans invest their money“ weiterlesen

„Ente“ is still alive

In Germay you don’t see this specific looking car anymore. It was very famous in my childhood (in the 70s and 80s) and everybody just called this car „die Ente“ („the duck“). I was pleasantly surprised that in France (where I am on vacation) you still find the Citroën 2CV (French: „deux chevaux“, lit. ’steam„„Ente“ is still alive“ weiterlesen

Millions for millionaires: What I don’t like at german public-service broadcasting

Germany has a huge public-service broadcasting system (mainly ARD, ZDF, Deutschlandradio), which is financed by a mandatory contribution called „Haushaltsabgabe“. Every houshold has to pay 17,98 Euro per month. Foremost with that system the public-service broadcasting collects about 9 billion Euro a year. Alone the ARD – with a national television station (Das Erste), several regional„Millions for millionaires: What I don’t like at german public-service broadcasting“ weiterlesen

Don’t link an vaccination topic on social media in Germany

Don’t put a link about the topic „vaccination“ on social media. It starts a battle. At least in Germany. I posted on Facebook. I should have known better. There are two sides firmly convinced standing on the right side. On the one side the wisdom of the conventional medicine who claims one of the greatest„Don’t link an vaccination topic on social media in Germany“ weiterlesen

Compulsory Education: Signs of change in Germany

School attendance in Germany is mandatory. Not only education ist compulsory but also visiting a school (for 10 years). Beside Sweden Germany is the only country in Europa with such a strict law. But there are some signs of change, for example the establishing of the Bundesverband Natürlich lernen e.V. The Association calls for „Learning„Compulsory Education: Signs of change in Germany“ weiterlesen