Marijuana use can lower educational outcome

Preparing myself for an upcoming lecture by Professor Deborah Cobb-Clark here at the Jahrestagung des Vereins für Socialpolitik 2014 (Association of German Economists) I came across an interesting paper. It is about the relationship between early marijuana use (at age 14 or younger) and young people’s educational outcomes. Key lesson: „Early marijuana use is associated […]

Merkel to blame on establishing sound budgetary policies?

„Foreign countries are to blame!“ – That is how politicians tend to justify developments voters do not appreciate. From a politician point of view such a accusation is understandable in two ways: Those who are accused can’t vote (and so can’t harm the politician) and, secondly, the politician is absolving himself of responsibility. The problem with […]

„Taxation on performance“ vs.“taxation on interests“: What is fair?

In preparation of a meeting with Hayek-Followers the next weekend I am reading a paper (Markt und Staat in einer globalisierten Welt: Die ordnungsökonomische Perspektive) from Viktor J. Vanberg.