Why service in tourist areas is often poor (but not at the Berlin TV Tower)?

30854260_bb5392728c_bWhy service at tourist attractions is often that poor? Because to be kind to people you just meet once does not add up. Kindness is an investment in the future. But to most tourist areas people just go once. So because there will be no second decision buying something good service doesn’t pay off.

That’s why service is sometimes poor – especially in Berlin, many would add. Because it is said that Berlin people are rude. I would’t agree in general (read this for example). Best practise: the Fernsehturm Berlin (BerlinTV Tower). I promise, going there will be a pleasure. Of course because of the view. But also because of the good and friendly service. I sometimes go there with my son. For breakfast. We always enjoy (even when the view is like today, see picture below).


Tip: Take your time and go to the (rotating around its own axis) restaurant with a VIP-Ticket (to make sure to get places). The restaurant isn’t too expensive.


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