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One question to … the Deutsche Bahn: Why do I have to take long distances (and pay for) to board your trains on the right place?


Dear Deutsche Bahn,

about 2.000.000 passengers take the Deutsche Bahn every year. Many of them use the reservation system (4,50 Euro each reservation). But where to board at the platform? Because with the reservation you certainly get the information of the waggon number and seat number, but the missing information is, where your waggon stops at the platform.

WagenstandanzeigerHannover060415So arriving at the platform every passenger with a reservation first has to find the posting of the train-formation indicator / car location indicator („Wagenstandsanzeiger“).

How I know from my own experience it can be a long way to the board and than (not seldom all the way back) to get on the train – especially when time is short.

Why that complicated? Why can’t the Deutsche Bahn put the car location indicator information also on the ticket and in the (otherwise excellent) App?

Thanks in advance for answering my question.



I have sent the question to the press office and of course I will post the answer right here.


Why are prices so high (and quality quite low) at the italian restaurant in my neighbourhood? Does it pays off for the city of Berlin that they increase there traffic wardens? // In the series called „One question to…“ I address a question I can’t answer to someone who can.

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Von Johannes Eber

In Berlin living economist, senior consultant at Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft (INSM) and co-founder of the media agency Solokarpfen.

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