The missing point: What a simple map of walks can teach you of a successful business


What is the first rule of a successful business? Always think from a customer point of view! What are his needs and benefits, is the most important question to answer.

A simple but to me impressiv example for the missing of that rule: map of walks at public places. As I know from experience (and happend today again, there) they often miss an essential information: A mark on the map where the map itself is located. Without that information a map often is useless. You have to know where you are to understand whereto go.

Obviously those who make and set-up the maps often misses the customers view: They knew where they were when they set-up the map and weren’t able to switch to the situation of nonlocal walkers and cyclists.

So a simple missing dot can cause a lot of confusion (fortunately less since the launch of Google Maps).

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