How the Germans invest their money

The Germans get richer year by year. In the first quarter 2014 they had financial assets of 5,2 trillion Euro according to a press release of the Deutsche Bundesbank (German Bundesbank), the national central bank. But in which types of investments do the Germans keep their money and try to keep it safe and/or increase it?

According to the Deutsche Bundesbank the financial assets increased from the third quarter 2013 to the first quarter 2014 by 54 billion euro. “For some time the Germans tend to low-risk investments”, says the Deutsche Bundesbank, “and they still do, although the insecurity decreases and low returns of secure investments continue.”

So that is how Germans invest at the time:

  • 40 percent (2,1 trillion Euro) in current, savings and deposit accounts
  • 30 percent (1,5 trillion Euro) arising of claims against insurance policies
  • 9 percent (450 billion Euro) in investment fund
  • 6 percent (300 billion Euro) invested in shares
  • 4 percent (216 billion Euro) in fixed income securities and certificates
  • 4 percent (199 billion Euro) in other equity
  • 7 percent (355 billion Euro) remaining investments

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