my hair cut

Is there another service sector in Germany with such a large price range as in the hairdressing industry? I just paid 27 Euro @Haareszeiten– 24 Euro (price increase since my last visit: 2 Euro, maybe because of the statutory minimum wage of 8,50 Euro starting from 01.01.2015) plus 3 Euro tip. I guess 24 Euro is above average and I suggest short-haircuts starts at 7 Euro, upwards open.

And why is the price range that large? I guess because the willigness to pay varies that much. Supply follows demand. Looking good is a very valuable asset. So if they can people spend a lot of money for looking good. Thats why there are also very expensive body care products.

haircut receipt

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Veröffentlicht von Johannes Eber

In Berlin living economist, Senior Consultant at Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft (INSM) and founder of the media agency Solokarpfen.

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