Thank you!


After an inspiring roundtable-discussion called “Possibilities and challenges related to blogging: an international comparison Marketing strategies for individual blogs” this afternoon with bloggers from Asia and Germany at the betahaus Berlin well organised by the Goethe-Institute. From right to left: Zsuszanna Toth and Antonia Märzhäuser (Freunde von Freunden); Max Büch (; Geraldine de BastionIman Dwianto Nugroho (Photographer), Indonesia; Nisha Anders (Goethe-Institut); Kilian Vieth (; Makbul Mubarak, Indonesia; Matthias Lehmphul (Goethe-Institut); Sopheap Chak (Global Voices); Cambodia, Camille Angela Lao Co, Philippines; Masha Sedgwick, Berlin and Jose Antonio Diaz (Our awesome planet), Philippines. Thank you!

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